Recipes: Best Summer Cocktails

You can’t go wrong with a gin and tonic, but with a modicum of effort you can enjoy new tipples this summer.

For the Contrarian
Moscow Mule
2 oz Alberta vodka
½ fresh lime
ginger beer

Squeeze lime and drop everything into a tall glass with ice.

Spicy ginger beer is actually more refreshing than water in hot weather. Sub tequila for vodka and you have Mexican Mule.


For the Classicist
The Gimlet
2 oz Beefeater 24 gin
¾ oz Rose's lime cordial

Shake with ice and serve in a cocktail (martini) glass.

This drink and its fresh lime cousin, the Gin Rickey, succeed because of two undeniable truths: gin is perfect in the summer, so are limes.


For the Ironic Hipster
Tequila Sunrise
1½ oz tequila
3 oz orange juice
1 tsp grenadine

Serve in a collins (tall, thin) glass with ice. (You're supposed to layer to get the “sunrise” effect, but who are you, Tom Cruise?)

This blast from the past beats out the Harvey Wallbanger, that other retro OJ drink, if only because it offers the opportunity to liberate grenadine from its Shirley Temple duty.


For the Country Club
Tom Collins
2 oz Hendrick's gin
1 tsp icing sugar
½ oz fresh lemon juice
club soda

Combine first three ingredients in collins glass. Stir, and top with soda.

This is the official drink of madras and mahogany Chris-Crafts—which is to say, if you're nervous around blue bloods, order it and you'll come off looking like Henry Cabot Lodge.


For the Sun Worshipper
2 oz Appleton white rum
½ oz fresh lime juice
½ tsp icing sugar

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

First off, no blenders, no strawberries and no bananas. This classic drink is simple and elegant when properly made. in a shaker and served in a proper cocktail glass.


For the Manly Man
4 dashes Worcestershire
4 dashes Choula hot sauce
2 dashes soy sauce
1 oz. fresh lime juice
salt and pepper
1 bottle Negro Modelo (dark beer works best)

Add first five ingredients to a chilled, salt-rimmed pint glass half-filled with ice. Pour beer slowly and mix. Clamato may be added at your own peril, you crazy Canuck.

Beer, as a rule, is a lousy base on which to build a cocktail—the exception being this wonderfully refreshing little troublemaker. The key here is to embrace the madness: don't skimp on the lime or the Worcestershire. anyou'll end up with a weirdly wonderful thirst quencher that bears no real relation to those scary lime beers that were so popular for 17 days last summer.wl